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Presentations: aka hundreds of man hours of hard, sweaty, stinky labor is yours - for free.

We have both Apple Keynote presentations and Quicktime movies and pdf files and iPod movies for free!
The Keynote presentations are slicker and way more elegant than Powerpoint but are only for the Mac. That's why we use them.
Please, if you do use them, use them with the spirit in which they were made. Please don't misuse or abuse our stuff! (Add you own bells and whistles, but be wise!)
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Why Even Ask?
Afraid to ask questions about the faith? You're not alone. Many of us are, and when we hit that crisis of faith time in our lives we either panic and bolt, or ignore the question completely. But there is another choice. Here is a presentation that challenges us to actually take on the questions that perplex us. It is biblical to do so. And there are answers out there. It is time to stop running.
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The Renaissance Christian
or How to love the Lord with all your mind
Modern day Christians appear to have an adversity to loving the Lord with their whole mind. Heart, soul, strength? Maybe. But not the mind. Here is an encouragement to be a Renaissance Christian: one who desires to be the best, most well-rounded, best educated believer he or she can be.
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the story of the universe
and how it all points to the God of the Bible
Does the story of the universe give evidence that Christianity is right? Here we show how the past, present and the future of the universe show us a beginning to it all, a universe which is meticulously put together, and a future with absolutely no hope. No hope here, that is.
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The Two Great Lights
Two great gifts that we overlook and take for granted are our sun and moon. Here we examine these two great lights, worshipped in many ancient cultures, and see them as works of art from an almighty hand.
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The Beginning of It All
a very brief, very incomplete introduction to the creation of the universe
One of the most misunderstood phenomena in the history of science and faith, to wit, the creation of the universe, is an apologetics tool like few others. Yet for some bizarre and illogical reasons many Christians will not touch it. Here we talk about what the Bible says about the beginning, what nature says about, and see that they are one and the same. And - added bonus! - we shoot down some tired myths we Christians carry around like so much stinky B.O.
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What is Apologetics?
the brief introduction
Wow. One would have thought we'd have done this one first. Hmmm... Well, here it is, exactly what is says, a brief intro in how to defend this beautiful faith of ours. Have at it!
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In the Beginning
A Look into Genesis One from a Scientific Perspective
A parallel look at creation based on Genesis One and the record of nature, based on our tract In the Beginning.
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Considering the Heavens
A look at many design factors of the First Heaven (atmosphere) and the Second Heaven (the cosmos), and how they lead one to the Third Heaven - the presence of God.
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The Deity of the Christ
a brief introduction to the nature of Jesus of Nazareth
We may now know of the passion of Jesus, but if He was a mere man who was martyred, then He is just one of a long list of victims of evil and suffering. So what is the big deal?
Well, if He is God that changes everything. Here we 1) show where in the Bible it says He is God, 2) examine Jesus' claim to see if He was telling the truth, lying, or mistaken, and 3) see if His followers were conspiring or just plain out of their minds - or telling the truth.
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An Introduction to Defending the Unborn with Respect, in Love
The presentation version of our writing.
It was done with the Hoefler Text font so if you download this you might want to make sure whatever font you choose looks good on your machine.
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A Womb With A View
A Look at the Life of the Unborn and Methods Used to Take that Life
A visual presentation meant to educate us on the fine-tuned life inside the womb. Plenty of images and descriptions of the development of unborn children; detailed descriptions but no pics of abortions. Great as an introduction to the whole issue for Bible Study or school or personal.
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fish guts and extra dimensions
Science finally has accepted the fact that there are dimensions of space and time beyond our own, as hinted in the Bible for thousands of years. This intro to the concept shows us, via Flatlanders, what amazing things one can do with access to extradimensions. The second half of the presentation makes a load of biblical connections to the concept.
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God is Great, God is Good,
so why do bad things happen?

A brief introduction to the problem of evil
Use this presentation, based on Geisler's treatment of it from the Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics, and a dozen other books, for your youth group or home Bible Study.
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A Brief Introduction to Intelligent Design
Here we investigate a lone body found in space. The body is planet Earth and we want to know how it got here. Was it put here purposely or is it the result of a series of mindless accidents? We look at evidence and expert testimony to try and figure out the caper. This is just a fun intro to ID and comes to the conclusion that some Intelligence is behind it all. (It is not meant to identify the culprit as the God of the Bible. That takes further investigation.)
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Are the Unborn Human?
a critical look into the nature of those not yet born, and the implications regarding abortion
Based on our tract Do You Believe The Embryo Fetus is not a Human Being? this presentation examines the most common reasons prochoice people use to discount the humanity of the unborn (it is part of the mother, it is not viable, it is only a mass of tissue and blood, etc.). If the unborn are not human, abortion should be a perfectly legal alternative. If, however, the unborn are human, as we attempt to show here, abortion is murder and must be stopped.
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science & the bible
the big picture
A quick look at the big beginning of modern science, the modern day big fuss between science and Christians, and the big picture. A wishful thinking presentation attempting to get both sides to sit down and discuss things.
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