Science, theology, ethics - they're all here.
Here we've broken down the Big Categories into various subjects: Ethics, Science, Theology, Science (we like science). And a lot of it is completely biased and one-sided so as to get your BP to 200/140

Presentation Station

Yes, they're free. (But donations are welcome!)
Here we have all our Apple Keynote presentations available for downloading, including Quicktime formats and iPod ready movies. Subjects include abortion, the deity of Christ, Creation, Genesis One, evil and suffering and more!

ProLife Page

Our feeble attempt to to something for those who cannot.
This section is packed with stuff you can use to defend the unborn: readings, links, and Keynotes. Go, and save some unborn kids!


Go here to find out our latest one-sided - but correct - opinion on just about everything.
Why people go to these places is beyond us. We do them so we can vent our pent-up rage at the world. It is a kind of catharsis, and just one more way for us to attain world domination.
Feel free to respond to these! And remember, they are just our opinions. The sooner you see we are correct, the better your life will be. ;)

Book of Brilliant Things

Another reason you have no excuse!
Here is our contribution to modern-day apologetics. It is a 24-page booklet on the basics of apologetics and covers - briefly, mind you! - all the major subjects of the faith and why you should be defending them! Read about the reliability of the Bible, the deity of Christ, the reality of His resurrection, the question about nonChristians going to heaven, extra dimensions, evil and suffering, abortion, and more!

Funny Pages

All right. It's not that funny.
We have a ton of stuff here, half original, half "borrowed," half funny, half-witted. One way or another you'll eventually laugh until you potty in your pants. But go to other sections on the site first. Remember: You can't have your pudding until you've had your meat!
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